Meg Hooper

Dr Meg Hooper is a registered psychologist with a PhD in Organisational Psychology. She has spent the last 17 years, in a mix of internal and external consulting roles prior to starting Carousel Consulting in 2014.

Meg has honed her skills as an Organisational Change Manager, working on changes of any size. Meg’s key areas of expertise are supporting organisations to do change well, helping individuals and teams create a strong identity and sense of purpose and more resilient patterns of behaviour, and supporting organisations to create powerful and positive cultures.

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We are professionals, we worked hard to know what we know. We use it to inform our work. Our solutions have integrity, are highly bespoke yet come from a place of evidence and science.

People choose us because they trust us. We are a safe pair of hands and prioritise being human. We help people feel safe – even if only when talking with us. We have high standards. If it doesn’t please us… it isn’t finished.

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