Managing transformation, change and transition

We help organisations “do” change, regardless of where the change is happening. Meg and her collaborators have a track record of transformational, team and project change achievements.

Change to any organisation typically means culture change. Either as a product of a restructure or a change to strategy. We help organisations understand their culture and the symbols, systems and behaviour that need adjusting in order to transform for the future.

We believe teams are the heart of the organisation. We have helped teams navigate through change and challenge through our Strong Teams programs and by focusing on team purpose, team processes and optimising team performance and resilience.

Projects are often the vehicle organisations use to deliver specific transactional change. We partner with organisations to provide project change management services that focus on the adoption and uptake of the change and protecting the benefits of the project. We know the two biggest diluters of benefits realisation are “workarounds” and passive resistance. We incorporate this understanding in to our change management solution design.

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