Strong Teams through Circus


Building Strong Teams to increase collaboration!
We know Strong Teams can achieve more than a collection of individuals. We know collaboration is vital for team performance, particularly for innovation We know Strong Teams collaborate more than other teams

How do we tap into this thing called collaboration?
We believe there are two important concepts in creating Strong Teams – psychological safety and a strong sense of identity and belonging. Our program tackles both of these by engineering an environment of challenge, novelty and play! Through CIRCUS!

Why Strong Teams through Circus?
Circus is accessible! There is a role for everyone regardless of their physical ability.

Circus encourages taking on challenges by choice. No one is forced to do anything they do not want to do. Circus has a strong culture of safety as well as daring. Circus takes your team out of the “busyness” they can get caught up in day to day.

Circus needs team work and encourages your team to focus on their relationships with each other.
Circus is FUN!