The simple approach to complex teams.

Explore the power of an empirically supported team management framework. Designed for complex, distributed, and diverse teams in every industry.

The Connecting Complex Teams Model has been designed by a team of organisational and business psychologists to address the increasing gap between our rapidly changing team environments, and material available to empower and facilitate strategic team management. Our research, work, and experience has culminated in the development of a model applicable to complex teams in every context and organisation across the world.

The CCT Model is comprised of 6 modules, each with a specific focus on a vital component of connected teams. The module content has been developed to address key challenges, and provide practical guidance and advice to leaders of complex teams and contexts. Our vision is to embrace the rapid change facing teams in today’s era, and empower them to work better and happier than ever before.


Dr. Meg Hooper


A snapshot of our model

Shared Schedules & Communal Routine

Understand the importance of our natural rhythms, the neuroscience behind scheduling, and how to adapt to diverse schedules.

Collaboration & Productivity

Learn about the connection between collaboration and productivity in complex teams.

Supportive Leadership

Learn about the role of leadership in empowering connected teams. Understand the role of a leader to a distributed workforce and the science of motivating groups.

Learning & Development

Apply goal setting theory, coaching principles, and an understanding of individual differences to your team learning and development strategy.

Distribution, Distraction & Drama

Insight into the distraction from environments and external stakeholders. Learn about managing emotion in complex contexts.

Connection Moments

Understand the principles of fostering connection between people and their teams, themselves, and their greater purpose.

Interested in a customised solution?

Each delivery of our Connecting Complex Teams model is adapted to suit individual teams with unique contexts.

Our team understands the importance of focused attention and the need for fit-to-purpose solution design. We craft each delivery of the CCT to suit your team, industry, and most pressing challenges.

In depth consultation on complex team context

Delivery and facilitation by experienced consultants

Program design by accredited psychologists

Bespoke additional resources

Foundational module on individual and team resilience

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We’ve compiled the latest empirical evidence and industry insights about the most pressing problems facing the management of complex teams.

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